Malaysia Election

The Malaysian election in March 2008 saw the opposition emerge as a formidable power. 

For the first time since independence in 1957, the Barisan Nasional coalition lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament that allowed it to amend the constitution on its own.

Now, Malaysia is abuzz again with the possibility of an election being called early. 

The next election is not due until 2013. But, out of tradition and political calculation, Prime Minister Najib Razak is expected to call it earlier. 

Some think it could come this year, after a generous government budget in October. Mr Najib has some reasons to delay it though. 

Since he took over in 2009, he has launched a many initiatives to improve Malaysians’ lives and a “Performance and Delivery Unit” to implement them. 

This will take some time to reap results. So is this the right time for Mr Najib to begin the race?

Bharati Jagdish put this to South-East Asia Correspondent at The Economist, Richard Cockett. 

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