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Weird news of the week: 07 February

Gorilla escape plan

Animal escape drill (© Koichi Kamoshia/Getty Images)
  • Animal escape drill (© Koichi Kamoshia/Getty Images)
  • Andrew Cotton in action (© Miguel Barreira/AP Photo)
  • Jose Salvador Alvareng (© Associated Press)
  • Stun gun (© Graeme Robertson/Getty Images)
  • Michelin starred chef Adam Simmonds (© Rex Features)
  • Jewellery store (© Michael Coyne/Getty Images)
  • Stock photo of teenagers on a beach (© Cultura/Rex Features)
  • Husky type dogs pull sledge over snow in Norway (© Sari Gustafsson/Rex Features)
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Preparing for animal emergencies at a Japan zoo looks like the most fun you could have had this week, with employees hunting down volunteers dressed as animals as part of the drill.

Reminiscent of an over-the-top TV game show, workers at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo prepare for the disastrous scenario of an animal escape by chasing a willing individual clad in a fluffy costume – in this case, a gorilla suit - before catching them with a large rope net.

The exercise, which involved 150 members of staff, plus police and fire services, might look odd, but it’s necessary for the Zoo – back in 2010, staff were called in to action for real when a monkey fled its enclosure.

Natsumi Uno spoke to reporters of his preparation for the role, saying: “I tried to feel what an animal might feel and realised that when they're on the run, they would be scared. That's how I felt."

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