09 November 2012 11:22
Websites hacked and personal details exposed as part of Guy Fawkes Day

5th of November trended on Twitter as hacktivist group Anonymous defaced several websites in the name of a V for Vendetta reference to the Gunpowder Plot

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Text: Shah Salimat

Microblogging site Twitter went into overdrive yesterday as the annual commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day took place on November 5th. The day was held in importance on social media due to a reference in the 2005 movie V for Vendetta about an anarchist who intends to take down a fascist British government.

Guy Fawkes was well known for being part of the 17th-century Gunpowder Plot to explode the British Parliament’s House of Lords. Hacktivists linked to the Anonymous group went on a hacking spree that day by dumping data they claimed to steal from government and company websites, in protest of governments trampling over citizen digital privacy rights.

A select group also took to the streets for Operation Big Brother, a protest against surveillance over government usage of systems such as TrapWire and INDECT to monitor citizen movement via location trackers, data mining and facial recognition. Here is a summary of what transpired within those 24 hours and reactions from the public towards the group’s activities.

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