09 November 2012 11:22
Websites hacked and personal details exposed as part of Guy Fawkes Day

Public question Anonymous’ intentions

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In response to an article on tech website The Next Web, Patrick Kanne, employee of online publishing company Ilsemedia, was not happy about Anonymous exposing citizens instead of those in top power. “If they do wanted to make a difference, how about posting the locations where tax-evading Greeks that ruined the country, are… (and) break down the Chinese firewall?” said Patrick.

Commenting on an article by technology portal CNET, a user who goes by the pseudonym of AliceWonder32 disapproved of the hacktivist group’s hypocritical ways, saying, “They frequently use ends as a method of socially engineering sympathy from the clueless masses, when their hacking and violation of other people’s privacy is really about the power rush they receive from doing it and nothing more.”

However, commenter Doug R. on Deadline saw the issue in a more humorous light. “You could tell the Leno site (in NBC.com) was hacked, as, all of a sudden, the content was actually funny for the first time,” said Doug.

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