11/28/2013 10:15 | By MSN News

WATCH: Bride fights with groom's mistress

Hell hath no fury like a mistress scorned.

Instead of having a wonderful time at her wedding, a Chinese bride in Shenzhen received the nastiest shock of her life. A pregnant woman in a wedding dress, apparently her groom's mistress, crashed the big day and unleashed a  WWF-worthy tirade of moves on her. Unable to move in her cumbersome puffball-dress, the bride resorts to verbal retorts and at one point shoves her philandering groom away.

We don't get why the bride has to bear the brunt of the mistress's anger though - the last time we learnt about reproduction in school, it takes a man and woman to produce a baby! However, there is one very important lesson from this incident: Never get in the middle of two women fighting. Never...ever.

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