09 January 2013 15:45
The idiot-proof guide to the Alex Au-AIM saga

The Prime Minister's call for investigation is the latest in a string of confusing statements and numbers about a town council and a computer management system -- we break it down and make it simple so you don't have to.

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Text: Shah Salimat
Photos: CNA

The debacle and mudslinging over the fracas involving the People's Action Party (PAP), Workers' Party-held Aljunied-Hougang Town Council and the PAP-owned Action Information Management (AIM) came to a peak on January 4.

Blogger of Yawning Bread, Alex Au Waipang, was given a letter of demand by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's lawyers to take down a series of articles that were accused as being 'defamatory' to the PM and the PAP. With the Prime Minister now calling for a probe by the Ministry of National Development into the saga, the digging has barely started.

Mr Au said in his first post in the series that he is 'surprised' that the saga is 'not getting as much traction... as it deserves'. With the dispute shrouded in technical speak that your average person on the street would find difficult to understand, we may understand why.

Here is our guide to everything about the Alex Au-AIM saga so far -- broken down into terms so simple, you do not have to be a graduate or an academic to get it. Don't mention it: it is our job to demystify.

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