Updated: 15 June 2014 11:45 | By Ng Jia Yi
The big force behind Dr Jiajia & Big Brother

Chua Weng Foo, father of local YouTube sensations Dr Jiajia and Big Brother, is a dad like no other.

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Photos: Chua Weng Foo

In 2012, two young brothers started to get noticed when their witty YouTube videos on the use of Singlish went viral.

Chua Jin Sen (nicknamed Dr Jiajia) and “Big Brother” Jin Chou - along with the former’s catchphrase “Kee Chiew (raise your hand in Hokkien)” - propelled to fame, and they have now amassed more than 53,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel.

It’s amazing how Dr Jiajia, eight, and Big Brother, 14, have managed to achieve such success, considering their young age.

But as you guessed it, they didn’t do it alone. The big force behind the scenes is their father, Chua Weng Foo, who is also known as “Big Dad”.

Pictured: (Left) Big Dad with kids Dr Jiajia and Hello Kitty, and Big Dad with Big Brother

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