Updated: 25 February 2013 18:45
SMRT wage protest: Chinese bus drivers’ illegal strike saga

Complaints from mainland Chinese bus drivers:

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The no-show was triggered by the SMRT bus drivers from China who were unhappy over unfair pay packages and living conditions. They have reportedly expressed their dissatisfactions in July this year, but received no response from the management.

Complaints from mainland Chinese bus drivers:

1) Wage disparity between drivers from China and Malaysian drivers.

2) No bonus.

3) "Equal work, equal pay" scheme

4) Poor dormitory conditions: Ten drivers had to cramp in the same room and they find it difficult to rest well as drivers on different shifts were allocated to the same room. Bed bug problems were found in some of the rooms.

5) Lesser income after the implementation of a six-day work week - receiving only about S$1500 to S$2000 each month as compared to a five-day work week where they could earn as much as  S$2300 to S$2500 per month, inclusive of overtime, allowance and incentives.

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