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SMRT to raise fares of some taxis from Monday

HAVE YOUR SAY: Would this deter you from taking an SMRT cab? Share your views with us.

SMRT to raise fares of some taxis from Monday

Photo: SMRT

SINGAPORE : Public-transport operator SMRT will raise fares of some of its taxis from Monday, December 16.

Flag-down rates of its Chevrolet Epica cabs will increase 20 cents to $3.60, while distance fares of its London, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai Starex and Ssangyong Rodius cabs will be raised to 30 cents.

It is currently 22 cents for every 400m travelled for up to 10km, every 350m after 10km and 45 seconds of waiting time.

With the hike, commuters can expect to pay 30 per cent more on these SMRT cabs compared to existing fares.

SMRT, which announced last month that it will be looking to raise its public transport fares, said the changes were to "keep pace with current rates in the industry".

Trans-Cab and Premier Taxi said they had no plans to adjust fares at the moment, while Prime Taxi, the smallest player, said it will monitor the situation first.

ComfortDelGro Corp, which runs Comfort and CityCab taxis, did not wish to comment on the fare hike until they take place.

There are more than 27,400 cabs across eight brands plying the roads here, with three different metered fare structures and more than 10 different types of surcharges.

The government announced last month that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will work with the Public Transport Council and taxi firms to look into simplifying fare structures for taxis here.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Would this deter you from taking an SMRT cab? Share your views with us. Sign in below and post your thoughts

Dec 11, 2013 10:18PM

Honestly, will not take SMRT, WHY must we pay additional ( S$0.40 ) if we can go to the same destination at S$3.20, WHY so SPECIAL about SMRT ? DO they pay higher petrol compare to REASONABLE taxi Fare -Citycab/Comfort? infact the different is the RENTAL and that is NOT OUR PROBLEM is the TAXI COMPANY Problem.....WHY ask we to PAY??????!!!!!!!

Jan 3, 2014 1:55AM
Taxi companies have  no choice but to increase prices as they bear the COE which is fluctuating all the time. Plus they have to bear all the taxes, insurance, blah blah...on top of that they have to adhere to the standards imposed to them by LTA like Euro engines etc. Car companies in Singapore cannot drive the old Toyota Crown taxis but in countries like Japan, Taiwan and HKG they are still used. The main culprit here is the LTA. If they remove the COE and the import taxes on the taxis, make them public transport....the prices will come down and benefit all......but do they care....thats what people taking taxis need to think...no point in saying...i wont take SMRT or Comfort....get to the real point!!!!
Dec 11, 2013 10:57PM
Will avoid SMRT taxis with the revised rate. There are so many taxi models on the roads nowadays and with different rates for different models, it is getting real messy and confusing flagging a cab....end of the day only the commuters suffer.
Dec 12, 2013 1:51AM
It is to say that we can select which taxi to ride, but nowadays, we really need to phone book them with another few dollars more if you really want to ride them. I have waited for nearly an hour along Bukit Merah a few weeks ago for the taxi and all are red indicator  or On Call. End up taking bus to final destination at Moulmein Road.
Mar 9, 2014 8:37AM
Everything increases other then our pay!! 
Mar 17, 2014 4:34AM
Honestly, I don't want to highlight on increasing fare, but I want to highlight the drivers who must be non-smokers on these high fare cabs. All taxis should flat with smoking drivers driving and non-smoking drivers driving, because of the confined space is very smelly and easy to effect each other.

Honestly, I will not. Does the increase means consumers will have better services?  I have encountered where the drivers can be haughty and and rude. I used this mode of transport when I am in need to rush but couple of times, I was being ferried on a merry-go-round route instead of a quickest route. To the extent, one of the driver has asked me my preferred route but after telling him, he took me on a different route and when I asked, he claimed that route he took is the quickest to my destination... then why asked.  To be honest, I paid another $3-4 more for the route he took. 


Unless they can justify for the increased with better quality services, I will not take SMRT.

Tue 5:23 AM

Do not voice your frustration at the taxi companies.  Blame LTA for creating the existing problems in the taxi business.  Firstly, taxi should not pay for the high certificate of entitlement (COE) or it should pay a flat rate for COE so that the rental for the taxis will remain stable.  The high taxi rental and oil prices will not only affect taxi company but also the taxi drivers.  Majority of the salary men will get a pay rise of at least one to two percents per year but taxi drivers income is actually declining.  These taxi drivers make up the lost of income by driving longer hours which is causing a safety hazard for the passengers as well as a health hazard for the driver. There is a limit to the amount of taxi rental or else the taxi driver cannot make end meets.   

Secondly, the number of cars and bus lanes are on the rise.   This is another factor that affect the income of taxi driver as well as the number of empty taxis on the road.    If the talents in LTA were to allow the taxis to ply on bus lanes during peak hours the above-mentioned problem will be minimized. 

Thirdly, all taxis should be equipped with the same payment facilities for cards, nets and so on. This will prevent time wasting as well as jumping of queue because of lack of certain facilities in a particular taxi.

Lastly, the booking of call should be centralized.

Dec 11, 2013 11:47PM
Hello.! If you are taking a cab,what is the different of $0.40 more.If the driver going slow and stop on every red light you still have to pay more.$0,40 more is only the flag down fare.Meter running is the same.
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