29 December 2012 09:00 | By Ang Kai Fong
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KKH swapped babies

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3. KKH swapped babies

Of course you also remember the two poor babies and their anguished parents from the baby swap saga last month.

In what was reportedly the first baby mix-up in a public hospital in Singapore, two sets of parents went home from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) with the wrong babies on Nov 20.

DNA tests confirmed a week later that the babies involved in the earlier mix-up were reunited with their biological parents within hours of the reported incident, when one of the two couples noticed their baby wearing an ID tag with another mother’s name.

A recent review found that the mix-up was triggered when the babies were placed in wrong cots, which resulted in a wrong tag being applied to one baby. Three staff nurses directly involved have received disciplinary action while 14 others received warnings or counselling. The hospital also promised that measures will be taken to ensure the “terrible incident… is the first and will be the last time”.

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