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WP says PAP should stop misleading voters

WP says PAP should stop misleading voters

WP says PAP should stop misleading voters

SINGAPORE: The Workers’ Party (WP) Secretary—General Low Thia Khiang has said that the ruling People’s Action Party should stop misleading voters.

He was responding to Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean’s comments on Tuesday night that the WP’s Members of Parliament (MPs) do not make a strong stand on important issues like population and foreign workers.

Speaking at WP’s rally for the Punggol East by—election on Wednesday night, Mr Low said his party has been trying hard to fix the mistakes made by the ruling party.

Mr Low said he did speak up in Parliament on the issue of foreign workers and even suggested how the foreign worker quota can be better recalibrated. But he said his proposal was not taken up by the government.

Issues like immigration, said Mr Low, are clearly spelled out in the party’s manifesto.

He added the PAP should not "waste too much time in finding fault with the Workers’ Party" as there are pressing tasks ahead for the government to look into.

"WP’s stand on policy making and alternative solutions is clear. Every policy made must be made with the objective of improving the life of nation as whole, not only for a small group. If the result is only a small group that benefits, then the policy has failed," he said.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot afford to put our lives in the hands of a sleepy driver. Do not put another sleepy driver into Parliament."

Rally speakers also called on Punggol East residents to make history — by voting in its candidate Lee Li Lian, and helping the party strengthen its voice in Parliament.

Chairman Sylvia Lim spoke about using the vote to build what she described as a more equal society.

"The Workers’ Party believes that the way forward is to ensure that the country’s governing principles take into account not just economic growth but well—being and happiness as well," she said.

"Sustainable development, retirement security, social safety nets, all these are critical if we are to move forward as a united people. What we need are MPs who can empathise with the struggles that you face daily. Use your vote to bring about a more equal society, let Parliament be a microcosm of society with more MPs from the non—elite class to speak for the people."

Ms Lee said she will not offer multi—million dollar projects — her immediate task, if elected, would be to ensure the smooth running of the town council.

She also stated her position on national issues like immigration.

She said the WP is not anti—immigration, but it is the pace of immigration that is of concern.

Ms Lee also spoke up for stay—at—home parents who do not have any income.

She said they should receive the same infant and child care subsidies as other working parents.

"There is a great imbalance in Parliament right now, that is why there is an urgent need to vote more Workers’ Party candidates into Parliament," she said.

"On 26 Jan, your ballot paper is not just a paper with a cross on it; it is a signal to send a message to the ruling party that all is not well, we need more constructive changes."

Wednesday’s rally is the last one for WP.

Thursday will see Ms Lee making a final push to woo voters before Cooling—off Day on Friday when no campaigning is allowed.

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