Updated: 03/04/2014 00:48

Workers' Party Supports Budget

Workers' Party Supports Budget

The opposition Workers' Party is supportive of the Budget.

Joining the debate, the party's chairman and MP for Aljunied GRC, Sylvia Lim, says her party agrees with the Budget's "unique emphasis" on the pioneer generation; helping businesses to restructure, the move towards strengthening social safety nets and giving more recognition to people with disabilities. 

She says the Pioneer Generation Package's "universality of entitlement" is an important recognition of all pioneers regardless of where they live now or how much they have earned over the years. 

"Some have reportedly lamented the lack of benefits while one is healthy. However, the pioneers I know, by and large, will welcome the additional financial support for illness. // To this end, enhancing subsidies for outpatient care at Specialist clinics and polyclinics is appropriate." 

Ms Lim also wanted clarification if pioneers would be allowed to use premium subsidies for the upcoming MediShield Life to fund private healthcare insurance. 

"Will the pioneers with private health care insurance be given the choice to the premium subsidies for Medishield life for their private insurance premiums instead of being compulsory brought onto Medishield Life?" 

On cost of medication for those with chronic conditions, Ms Lim hopes that the Government would identify the drugs usually needed by this group, and focus on giving higher subsidies for these drugs.

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