Updated: 02/20/2014 00:47

Why Sakthivel fell? Forensic expert gave six possible reasons

Why Sakthivel fell? Forensic expert gave six possible reasons

Forensic scientist Dr Michael Tay gave six possible reasons why Indian national Sakthivel Kumaravelu fell while chasing the private bus on the night of December 8th. 

He was speaking at the public hearing of the Committee of Inquiry into the Little India riot last year. 

He says that it is generally very dangerous for any pedestrian to run after a bus. 

And this was aggravated by other factors that night. 

First, Dr Tay says the road surface was wet due to light rain earlier that night. 

Second, he says that Mr Sakthivel was taking faster, larger steps as he tried to keep up with the bus, making it harder for him to keep his balance. 

Third, Mr Sakthivel was holding an umbrella in his left hand, which would have further affected his stability. 

Fourth, Dr Tay says his right palm was pressed against the left side of the bus. 

This would have forced him to match the speed of the bus. 

Fifth, Dr Tay says Mr Sakthivel was not running in a straight line, as the bus was turning left into Race Course Road from Tekka Lane. 

And lastly, Dr Tay says Mr Sakthivel was intoxicated, and this would have impaired his motor skill and judgment at the time.

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