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WDA launches new training framework for assembly & test sector

WDA launches new training framework for assembly & test sector

WDA launches new training framework for assembly & test sector

SINGAPORE: The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has launched a new training framework for the Assembly and Test (A&T) sector.

The framework will level up the skills and competencies of workers in the semiconductor industry, which employed more than 42,000 workers including more than 18,000 in the Assembly and Test sector in 2011.

The framework comprises three qualification levels that target professionals, managers, executives and technicians.

Under the framework, workers can apply for a Workforce Skills Qualifications diploma, advanced certificate, or certificate in Assembly & Test.

The framework has been developed in partnership with the United Workers of Electronics & Electrical Industries, and several A&T multinational corporations that have business operations in Singapore.

The WDA will fund course fees and absentee payroll for companies which upgrade the skills of their workers under this training framework.

It expects to train 1,500 workers by the end of next year.

It is hoped that such training will help workers stay relevant in an industry that has ever—changing needs.

NTUC deputy secretary—general, Heng Chee How, said: "If you look at the electronics industry in general, and wafer industry and Assembly & Test, these are hyper competitive global areas.

"Technology keeps changing, and price competition is very fierce. So in this kind of environment, where do you find your competitiveness against other companies and also against other countries? You keep on moving. Therefore you need people who are better and better in terms of their skills and capability."

Mr Heng, who is also the chairman of the A&T Industry Skills and Training Council, added that he hoped having such a training framework would have a positive impact on the industry’s manpower needs.

WDA’s CEO, Mr Wong Hong Kuan, said: "The new framework will enhance Singapore’s reputation as a high—quality provider of A&T services, which will help to attract foreign investments that accelerate the industry’s growth.

"It will also improve the capabilities of A&T companies to facilitate their business expansion, and allow A&T workers to obtain nationally—recognised WSQ qualifications to stay relevant amid ever—changing workplace needs."

Since 2005, WDA has rolled out 33 nationally—accredited WSQ frameworks in partnership with various organisations such as industry associations, trade unions, employers and training organisations.

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