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Vegetarian and vegan dining options for festive season

Vegetarian and vegan dining options for festive season

Vegetarian and vegan dining options for festive season

SINGAPORE: It’s just one day to Christmas and the festive season would not be complete without a celebratory meal.

But what animal product—free options are there for vegetarians and vegans in Singapore?

Turkey, steak, and even lasagne — traditional food items you might find at any Christmas meal. But these typical meat dishes are being remade with only vegan—friendly ingredients, like mushrooms and soy products.

They are part of the Christmas offerings at vegan restaurant Loving Hut at Suntec City.

Koh Chin Peng, Director of Loving Hut, said: "If you judge by over the same period last year, we are actually seeing like a 15—percent increase in our sales. The regular menu we have is mainly local, fast—food style. For Christmas, we create a more elaborate one."

Apart from ramping up its Christmas menu from a three—course to a four—course meal this year, the restaurant is also providing catering services for those who want to enjoy a vegan meal at home.

Karen Choi, an educator and a vegan, said: "Christmas is about joy and love, so what is more "Christmas—sy" than a vegan Christmas dinner? So I guess it’s a good way to start if you have not tried any vegan or vegetarian dinners. It’s festive and you can bring your friends down."

And for the Lims — Christmas this year is a family—affair.

24—year—old Cassandra Lim is the only vegan in her family. And it’s the first time she’s preparing a raw vegan Christmas meal for her family.

Cassandra said: "Last year, for Christmas, I was in the Philippines — in this jungle, with other strangers, and we were all eating this raw vegan dinner. And it was the most amazing thing I’ve eaten ever! And I wanted to re—create it this year, since I can’t get away."

And while a raw vegan meal means everything is prepared without being cooked, it’s not just salads on the menu.

No Christmas meal would be complete without dessert, like a maple pecan ice—cream and Spirulina cake.

Cassandra’s family admits the taste is a little difficult to get used to at first.

Lim Kim Leong, father of Cassandra, said: "Not really nice. It tastes very green—ish, very cheesy. But as times goes by, she prepares it better and better. It’s very good; you know why? It cuts down your cholesterol, this healthy food."

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