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USA-based XCOR Space Expeditions and swiss watch maker, Luminox launch commercial space travel

USA-based XCOR Space Expeditions and swiss watch maker, Luminox launch commercial space travel

Do you have US$100,000 to spare? 

Then you could be the first Singaporean to travel into space. 

USA-based XCOR Space Expeditions is currently in Singapore attempting to drum up interest in its flights, which are set to launch by the end of next year and which will take passengers one hundred kilometres above the earth's surface. 

Passengers will travel on XCOR's space plane, which will launch from the spaceport in Curacao, an island in the southern Caribbean Sea. 

The craft has a two-person cockpit, and the single passenger will sit next to the pilot. 

The whole experience will last about an hour. 

Passengers can look forward to a genuine space experience according to Pamela Tan, the Brand Manager of Swiss watch maker Luminox, which is a commercial partner in the venture.

"When you go up into space, it will take you from ground to space for about 3 minutes and when you are in space, you are going to experience weightlessness and you are going to stay there for about six minutes. Then after which you are going to descend back to earth. And you will spiral down slowly from space into land then back to the runway strip. The whole process of spiralling down will take about 40 minutes and that's when you will enjoy the view of the earth, the milky way." 

Besides paying for the tickets, applicants will have to pass a medical check up. 

Then they will have to undergo compulsory training in a space flight simulator in the Netherlands, which costs about $6,000. 

Some Singaporeans that 938LIVE spoke to were unimpressed with the idea of forking out so much money. 

"What do you do there, nothing to see. I rather use the money to go travelling. It's beyond my means I don't know how safe it is. I won't spend that for an hour. With $100,000 I can do a lot of things like buy an apartment and rent it out and get interest. Going up to the galaxy is not worth couple of hundred thousand dollars." 

But some were more interested in the possibility of flying into space. 

"You wont get to see the the kind of scenery that you can see on earth. And if you are photography buff all that, it's really a once in a lifetime kind of experience. If I have the financial means to go there, it's a new perspective the view from upstairs." 

-By Lim Jia Qi

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