Updated: 01/25/2014 02:08

US shared stategic interests with S'pore

US shared stategic interests with S'pore

US Ambassador to Singapore, Kirk Wagar, says America's relationship with Singapore is based on more than just commercial and strategic interests. 

He says it's also based on shared values, such maximising the talents of their citizens and giving everyone a ladder for opportunity. 

"You'll be hard-pressed to find two nations that agree more on the fundamental premise that for a nation to prosper, it must give every citizen the opportunity to succeed and the tools to do so. Our values, together, emphasising an equality of opportunity are essential, and also have incredible economic impact."

Mr Wagar was giving his first policy address in Singapore on Friday at a talk organised by the Singapore Press Club. 

A naturalised US citizen, Mr Wagar was born in Canada and hs lived in the US since 1987. 

He was sworn in as the US ambassador to Singapore in September last year. 

Responding to questions about America's commitment in Asia, Mr Wagar says the US has had a very large presence in the region for close to a century. 

He adds that it's a false claim that America's recent realignment to Asia is solely about countering a rising China. 

Mr Wagar says this just simply isn't true, adding that the US welcomes a strong, peaceful and successful China that plays a greater role in world affairs. 

He adds that partisan politics in the US will not affect its global trade relations. 

"Our government, our policymakers, work with and follow our businesses. And so, we have hit hiccups from time to time, but if you look at the trajectory of America, politics never bumps into that."

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