Updated: 01/24/2014 22:07

Trial to reduce bus bunching on roads to be fully rolled out by June 2014

Trial to reduce bus bunching on roads to be fully rolled out by June 2014

The government's trial to reduce bus bunching on roads with 22 services will be fully rolled out by June this year. 

The two-year experiment, which seeks to reward bus operators or penalise them based on the regularity of arrivals, will start with seven services on the 3rd of February. 

They are bus services 176, 184, 188, 302, 858, 901 and 911 run by operator SMRT. 

On 28th February, services 17, 52, 228 and 242 run by operator SBS Transit will go under the trial. 

SBS buses 3, 39, 241 and 325 will start the trial from 24th March. 

LTA's acting director for Bus Infrastructure Liu Feng-Yuan says commuters can expect better bus service from this trial. 

"For some bus services now, they may see two buses coming together and if they happen to miss these two buses, suddenly they have to wait a really long time because the buses are not evenly spaced. What we hope with the scheme is to reduce these cases. As they take the buses more often, they will see that they will come at regular intervals. So say the bus is supposed to come every 10 mins, it'll come 7, 8 or 11 minutes. More regularly."

The remaining seven services will go under the trial by June. 

More bus controllers will be appointed to monitor bus services and their speeds. 

They will instruct bus drivers accordingly by having the bus slow down or hold at bus stops for short intervals.

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