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Trains, buses to Little India less crowded than usual, say commuters

Trains, buses to Little India less crowded than usual, say commuters

Trains, buses to Little India less crowded than usual, say commuters

SINGAPORE: Most commuters said buses and trains arriving in Little India on Saturday were less crowded than usual for a weekend, and there were noticeably more empty seats and standing room in the buses.

Regular passengers said the buses that ply the main stretch of Tekka market were less crammed than usual on a Saturday.

While some dormitories have advised their residents to stay in, or at least away from Little India for now, some foreign workers turned up to buy groceries after work.

Prabu, an Indian foreign worker, took bus number 48 to Little India, and said it was less crowded on the bus.

Singaporeans who were meeting their friends for coffee in the area also observed that buses and trains were not as crowded.

Zhen Long, who took the train from Serangoon to Little India, said: "I think it was much, much deserted on the train actually. Much less crowded than… usual."

In Little India, a man was seen distributing flyers to foreign workers with the message that Singaporeans do care for foreign workers.

John Chan, a student, said: "It is important for us to reach out to foreign workers because they play such a vital role in our economy, in our industries -- basically construction and even manufacturing to some extent.

“We want to tell them that they shouldn't be over anxious about what's happening over the incident. It could have happened anytime... It has already happened. I am just taking this as a personal, pro-active approach to reach out on a personal level to tell them that there is someone listening, there is always someone there for them. They don't have to keep their grievances to themselves.

“A lot of people reach out via social media. I think it is important to add that personal touch and maybe even shake their hand… to tell them that we are here. Even as Singaporeans, we can care. So don't feel alone."

He hopes to give out 200 of these flyers which he had printed over the next two days. - CNA/gn

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