Updated: 12/31/2013 01:40

Traffic Woes on MCE

Traffic Woes on MCE

There were traffic snarls on several segments of the newly opened $4.3 billion Marina Coastal Expressway and surrounding roads this morning, the first day of the work week. 

Many motorists and commuters told the MediaCorp Hotline that they were stuck on the expressway for over an hour. 

Some were also fuming over having to pay higher than usual taxi fares as a result. 

One of them is Morris Tan. 

"From Taman Jurong area, the cab took two hours to arrive in Suntec area. A lot of drivers were confused whether to keep right or left, that's where there was a jam. The cab fare was about $42, more than 50 per cent compared to normal.I think what the drivers need is actually clearer directions, there was one road also, it's called the sheares ave, I think probably this is quite new to a lot of drivers, no one has a clue where sheares ave will take them to." 

Taxi driver, Richard Lee also experienced problems while traveling on the expressway this morning. 

"When I entered the ground level MCE, before entering the tunnel, everybody was well behaved, they remained in their lane. However, when we approach the direction towards Jurong or Changi, everybody started to panic, they all started making their lane change. They had to make the change, without waiting anymore because there's only very limited distance left for them to do so." 

Motorists heading for the ECP via the MCE after work this evening should brace themselves for a repeat of this morning's saga.

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