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Symphony 92.4FM urges support for classical music

Symphony 92.4FM urges support for classical music

Symphony 92.4FM urges support for classical music

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s only classical music station, Symphony 92.4FM, is calling for more support from the public.

Whether you’re a lover of jazz or classical music, the station is asking for patrons to champion the arts so that more can appreciate the grace of classical music.

And anyone, not just classical music lovers, can join their Patron Circle.

Wang Ya—Hui, vice president of Symphony 92.4FM, said: "Anyone who cares for the art and culture in Singapore can be a part of us. Anyone who has that passion and love for Singapore to become an even greater and vibrant city in the arts and a more wonderful place to live in."

As a Patron, there will be five tiers of support as followed.

At the lowest tier, there’s a donation of S$120 and above, followed by Bronze (S$1,000 to S$9,999), Silver Circle (S$10,000 to S$24,999), Gold Circle (S$25,000 to S$49,999) and Platinum Circle (S$50,000 and above).

Some high—profile Singaporeans are already on board as cultural champions including Ambassador—at—Large Professor Tommy Koh and Mrs Goh Chok Tong.

To thank patrons for their support, Symphony 92.4FM will organise a host of benefits including a tour of the radio station, free concert tickets and exclusive events presented by their DJs.

More information on Symphony 92.4’s Patron’s Circle can be found



What many don’t know about Symphony 92.4FM is that it doesn’t just play classical music.

"We offer what I like to call the best of classics. If you feel like the hardcore classical music might be a bit too much, then try our evening drive with jazz, classics, movie themes. I’m sure everyone loves Jurassic Park and Harry Potter and things like this," said Wang.

And for those who haven’t yet developed a taste for the classics, 11—year—old musician Wu Shuang can provide some insight.

"I find it (classical music) very enjoyable to listen to. I like the emotions that classical music brings out in me. If I play a happy song, I usually feel happy, and if I play a sad song, I feel a bit of sorrow.

"I find it quite peaceful when you listen to radio, especially the classical radio... after school and sometimes when I’m having a rest," said the young musician whose unquestionable talent has brought her all around the year.

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