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Sufficient blood for injured Navy serviceman & others in need

Sufficient blood for injured Navy serviceman & others in need

Sufficient blood for injured Navy serviceman & others in need

SINGAPORE: Singapore Red Cross and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said injured Navy serviceman Jason Chee is well supported by the National Blood Programme.

In a joint statement, they assured well wishers that there is sufficient blood for his surgeries.

The statement revealed that the Singapore Red Cross has already been recalling donors who are due for donation and blood donors of O+ type to ensure sufficient stock.

SRC and HSA thanked donors who have been prompted by Mr Chee’s incident to come forward to donate blood.

They clarified that directed and replacement donations —— where families and friends are obliged to donate blood for the patient or to replace blood used by the patient —— are not practised in Singapore.

The statement said blood collected at the blood banks is available to all patients who need it.

It added that voluntary and non—remunerated blood donation is key to the safety and quality of Singapore’s blood supply.

It noted that because of the regular contribution of donors, there was sufficient blood for Mr Chee and others when they needed transfusions.

Mr Chee, a regular serviceman, was injured on Monday after he got caught between a motorised winch and a rope on Landing Ship Tank RSS Endeavour.

His elderly father has been shaken by the news, and has been taken care of by relatives.

Mr Chee is the family’s only child and sole breadwinner.

He recently lost his mother, who was a kidney dialysis patient.

Mr Chee had been working on board the ship in the Gulf of Aden on anti—piracy patrol when he received news of his mother’s worsening condition.

The Navy had flown him home to be with his mother. He was in Singapore when she died.

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