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Starting salaries for poly graduates on the rise: survey

Starting salaries for poly graduates on the rise: survey

Starting salaries for poly graduates on the rise: survey

SINGAPORE: Polytechnic graduates are starting out in the job market with higher salaries, according to a joint survey conducted by the five polytechnics in 2012.

Fresh graduates in full—time permanent employment earn S$1,950 in median gross monthly salary, compared with S$1,850 in 2011.

Those who joined the workforce after they had completed National Service draw a median gross monthly salary of S$2,253, compared with S$2,100 in 2011.

The Graduate Employment Survey, which polled about 10,000 fresh graduates, attributed the higher starting salaries to the strong value of a polytechnic education.

It also said it showed that employers continue to appreciate skilled polytechnic graduates.

The survey also found that the employment rate for fresh polytechnic graduates remained high —— at 91 per cent for fresh graduates, and 93.1 per cent for post—NS graduates as of October 2012.

On the whole, starting median salaries for the engineering and health sciences sectors increased the most, by about S$100.

Lee Yong Yi, a former digital media student from Nanyang Polytechnic who went on to do another private diploma for a year, is now earning just under S$3,000 as a concept designer.

"Poly provides more project—based, which is closer to work, and I feel it gives a better transition into work when they’re employed. So whatever they’re doing in poly, it’s actually relevant to work," said Lee.

"I believe for employers, they can see that, and it’s much easier for them to integrate and help the company, rather than the company having to guide them along in the first probation period," Lee added.

T Thamyrajah, who works as a registrar at Nanyang Polytechnic, said: "I think with the economic downturn, it becomes increasingly important for companies to look for this kind of skilled manpower to help them improve their operations, increase productivity."


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