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S'pore couples opt for unusual wedding shoot locations

S'pore couples opt for unusual wedding shoot locations

S'pore couples opt for unusual wedding shoot locations

SINGAPORE: More couples in Singapore are spending more to ensure their pre-wedding photography is as unique as they come -- and sometimes, unique means downright unusual.

Heading to the supermarket to pick up groceries is a routine for many, but for others, it could mean much more.

The NTUC FairPrice supermarket aisles have hosted many couples for their pre-wedding shoots, including Chris Goh and Smith Leong.

Mr Leong and Ms Goh have been dating for 12 years.

They describe themselves as homely people who enjoy running errands together, many of which involved shopping at NTUC FairPrice.

Mr Leong, a social media manager, said: "It grows in stages. When we were younger, we bought junk food, and then as we grew up, as a family, we buy things like cleaning solutions, food, things to cook -- so it's quite meaningful for us."

FairPrice hosted 30 wedding shoots last year, about double from 2012.

Its most popular outlet is the FairPrice Finest at 100AM.

The numbers suggest that untraditional photo shoots are getting more popular.

Photographers who specialise in what is called "concept" wedding shoots agree.

Some unusual locations include a car park, a marathon starting line and a toilet -- which revisited the scene of a wedding proposal.

Raymond Phang, photographer at Raymond Phang Photography, said: "We went to the ladies because we didn't want guys to come in, we didn't want urinals around.

“But there were ladies trying to come into the toilet while we were shooting, so it was quite embarrassing to have photo crew and everybody there and telling them it was closed.

“Luckily the place was kept clean -- it was very early in the morning that we started."

But such services don't come cheap -- about S$4,500 for a six-hour session.

Regular photo shoots can cost from several hundred dollars.

Mr Phang said: "It's a two-way street between the couple and us, so they would tell us their story, we will daydream a bit, add in a bit of quirkiness, humour, and then the story happens on shoot.

“Maybe they see their friends all getting the same images so they want to be unique, be different."

But not everyone is cut out for such unusual wedding shoots.

The lovebirds must be candid, spontaneous and share chemistry with the photographer.  - CNA/nd

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