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Sons in legal tussle over HDB flat treated sisters with hostility

Sons in legal tussle over HDB flat treated sisters with hostility

Sons in legal tussle over HDB flat treated sisters with hostility

SINGAPORE: When scouting pioneer Dennis Goh Chin Chye died in March 2013, his sons withheld details about his wake arrangements from their sisters.

They also treated the sisters with hostility and made them feel unwelcome when they attended the wake.

This was revealed on day six of the hearing into a legal tussle involving the sisters and their mother - Eileen Chia - over the ownership of a five-room HDB flat.

At the time of the elder Mr Goh's death, legal proceedings were already underway.

The sisters deny that they coerced and misled their mother into making them joint tenants, and claim their brothers have a vested interest in the flat.

Last week, 91-year-old Madam Chia admitted that her eldest son, Eric Goh, had told her to remove her daughters' names from the tenancy of the five-room flat.

Defence lawyer Alfred Dodwell sought to prove on Monday that Madam Chia had been "manipulated" into doing Mr Goh's bidding - including commencing the lawsuit against her daughters.

He then went on to show the extent of the brothers' fractured relationship with their sisters.

For example, Mr Dodwell pointed out that when the elder Mr Goh died, the family only sent an email to the sisters a few hours later to inform them.

No other attempt was made to contact them.

The brothers then did not tell them where the wake would be held, which resulted in the sisters having to find out from third parties.

The sisters were also unable to attend the ceremony where their father's ashes were scattered at sea as they were informed by email only at a late stage.

"I'm raising this to show how your sons treat your daughters...Your sons' anger and vengeance toward your daughters is so great that they would use their father's funeral to ostracise them," charged Mr Dodwell.

While cross-examining Madam Chia on Monday, he also suggested that she was "covering up" for her sons.

The first leg of the trial ends on Tuesday, and Madam Chia's daughters are expected to take the stand when the trial resumes later this month.  - CNA/xq

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