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Singapore Polytechnic launches new Perfumery and Cosmetic Science centre for its students

Singapore Polytechnic launches new Perfumery and Cosmetic Science centre for its students

Singapore Polytechnic has opened a one million dollar state-of-the-art facility for students in its perfumery and Cosmetic Science programme to formulate and develop personal care products such as fragrances and soaps. 

The Perfumery and Cosmetics Science Centre occupies an area of 575 square metres and is divided into three sections. 

Students will be trained in research and design, formulation as well as development of a final marketable product. 

The programme's manager, Jessie Tong. 

"It gives the students hands on authentic, real life learning in the process. And they experience creation, not just study about it. They will use it to play with formulation, they learn about different type of ingredients. So they experiment with the ingredients and after that when they have knowledge, they will mix it together and create different formulation whether it's fragrance or cosmetics." 

Final year student Tiffany Chin welcomes the state of the art equipment at the facility such as skin investigation systems as well as scent and sensory chambers. 

"We will know how the consumers feel when they use the product. When we go through the process, we'll know what's the problem and how they feel. Would they be ok or are there any problems with the formulation that we come up with." 

The set up of the centre couldn't have come at a better time; there's increasing demand for manpower to support the growing industry. 

The Economic Development Board says the market for personal products is expected to grow by at least 40 per cent in Asia by 2017. 

With this, the school is also planning to expand its annual intake of students to 45 from the current 40. 

The polytechnic also signed Memorandums of Understanding to collaborate with four industry players. 

These collaborations will provide sponsorships for raw materials, internships and industry-based projects for students. 

-By Lim Jia Qi

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