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Singapore marked its first day of Giving Tuesday

Singapore marked its first day of Giving Tuesday

Singapore marked its first GivingTuesday, today. 

It's the first country in Asia to take part in this global movement which celebrates the spirit of giving. 

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The global movement which began in the United States encourages giving through social media channels and campaigns. 

GivingTuesday was brought to Singapore by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre or NVPC. 

NVPC's Head of Development Adam Bowden. 

"We not only want people to give on GivingTuesday, it's about a celebration of giving and also to help raise more awareness for giving to take place. It's about creating a whole community of giving in Singapore" 

Currently, NVPC has over ninety GivingTuesday partners from the private and non-profit sectors. 

One founding partner, NTUC Income aims to sell one thousand terrariums featuring miniature plants for this campaign. 

Theodore Teo is the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at NTUC Income. 

"This movement could be a little spark and if there's not enough people getting it going, then the flame will die. But if you have a lot of excited organisations coming in and say, 'Hey let's be part of this and let's try to excite and get this going,' and you know the feel, the flame will get bigger." 

Each terrarium goes for twenty dollars, and the insurer hopes to raise twenty thousand dollars for the Society for the Physically Disabled. 

Another founding partner, the Singapore Cancer Society has partnered Global EduHub to raise ten thousand dollars by selling toys for its beneficiaries. 

They have gathered over three hundred volunteers which include pre-school children. 

David Fong is the Chief Operating Officer of Singapore Cancer Society. 

"It's all about enhancing the awareness and putting this giving agenda pretty much top on mind, particularly at this point in time when people tend to be focusing on the celebration of Christmas. It's also to spare a thought for those who may need help."

The Singapore Cancer Society hopes to raise $250,000 by the end of this year. 

-By Lim Jia Qi and Hoang Nam Phuong

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