Updated: 01/15/2014 02:11

SHINE to spearhead system-wide improvement to enhance patient safety

SHINE to spearhead system-wide improvement to enhance patient safety

Singapore Healthcare Improvement Network or SHINE, will be spearheading a system-wide quality improvement initiative to enhance patient safety in all public sector healthcare institutions over the next few years. 

This was announced by the newly appointed Director of Medical Services, Associate Professor Benjamin Ong. 

Speaking at the Singapore Health Quality Service Award, Professor Ong says this large-scale initiative will have three work streams. 

They're medication safety, prevention of healthcare-associated infections and prevention of surgical complications. 

He says SHINE will be focused on spreading and bringing about wide spread adoption of change packages that have proven to reduce harm in these three work streams. 

Ultimately, he says SHINE will accelerate the pace and scale of quality improvement in Singapore's healthcare sector. 

SHINE was established last year involving 21 public sector healthcare institutionsd and the Agency for Integrated Care. 

Professor Ong says he hopes that in time all healthcare institutions in Singapore, even private ones, will come on-board SHINE.

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