Updated: 04/15/2014 02:22

Second breach due to hydraulic fluid leak

Photo credit TODAY

Photo credit TODAY

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority will be replacing the hydraulic components in their security barriers. 

They'll also be conducting daily checks to ensure these barriers function properly. 

This follows a second breach at the Woodlands Checkpoint on March 8. 

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean gave this update in Parliament on Monday.

He explains that the security barrier had stopped the gold Mercedes-Benz from passing the security barrier initially. 

But Malaysian driver Tan Chu Seng was able to force his way past the barrier after hydraulic fluid leaked from a cylinder seal on it causing it to malfunction. 

The seal was used to raise and maintain position of the barrier. 

Mr Teo also updated the house on measures taken after the first breach in January. 

"After the first incident on 17 Jan 2014, various immediate measures were implemented to strengthen the security at Woodlands Checkpoint, including tightening the coordination between ICA and Police, improving the response protocols and conducting drills and exercises to validate the response plans and enhancing the supervision of the APOs. Other measures such as installation of additional CCTVs and enhanced security barriers are being expedited."

He adds that the ICA and the police will be deploying mobile crash barriers and tracking vehicles as additional lines of defence. 

Just yesterday afternoon, a third attempt to breach the Woodland Checkpoint was made and a 42-year-old Malaysian had been arrested.

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