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SDP publishes series of letters sent to Workers’ Party

SDP publishes series of letters sent to Workers’ Party

SDP publishes series of letters sent to Workers’ Party

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has published three letters it sent to The Workers’ Party (WP) on its party’s website.

In the letters, the SDP extended an invitation to the WP to meet and discuss the opposition’s participation in the by—election in Punggol East.

The SDP said it first wrote to the WP on Tuesday, a day before the Writ of Election was issued.

In a letter addressed to WP Chairman Sylvia Lim, SDP Chairman Jufrie Mahmood said he would like to invite Ms Lim and her party colleagues to discuss their parties’ positions, with regard to an expected by—election being called.

Mr Jufrie said specifically, the SDP would like to explore the possibility of one opposition party contesting against the PAP in the by—election.

The SDP said it proposed to meet on Saturday.

But when the by—election was announced, the SDP sent a second letter, proposing to bring the meeting forward to Friday.

The SDP claims it received a reply from Ms Lim that "gave no indication of WP" accepting its invitation.

The party did not publish a copy of the reply from Ms Lim.

The SDP also said it wrote to the WP for a third time.

SDP Secretary—General Chee Soon Juan, in a letter addressed to WP Secretary—General Low Thia Khiang, said he hoped to explore ways on how the parties can offer the best candidate with the best opportunity to defeat the People’s Action Party.

He added the SDP would like to work with the WP to avoid a three or multi—cornered fight.

"More importantly, we would like to see how opposition parties can work closer together in the interest of unseating the PAP to bring about a democratic system in Singapore," wrote Mr Chee.

Dr Chee said he hopes to meet and explore how the opposition can co—operate in a more concerted manner starting with this by—election.

He added the correspondence may be made open, as the matter is of "intense public interest".

The WP could not be reached for comment.

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