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SDA’s Lim says he has run campaign as a gentleman

SDA’s Lim says he has run campaign as a gentleman

SDA’s Lim says he has run campaign as a gentleman

SINGAPORE: Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) candidate for the Punggol East by—election, Desmond Lim, said he has run the campaign race as a gentleman and hopes that voters can appreciate that quality in him.

Speaking to reporters on the final day of campaigning on Thursday, Mr Lim said he has not resorted to any personal attacks and has always respected his opponents.

Mr Lim is hopeful that residents will recognize his sincerity and his drive in making a difference to their lives.

The Secretary—General of SDA also described the nine days of hustings as a "real campaign", compared with the General Election in 2011 when Mr Lim also contested in the ward.

Mr Lim explained that in this by—election he has the support of professionals for logistics, operations, finance and the media.

This has allowed him to completely focus on reaching out to the voters.

Mr Lim is expected to upload more videos of his online rally on Thursday.

He hopes the significant number of views of his clips can be translated into votes on Polling Day.

Mr Lim said he will be spending time with his wife and son on Cooling—off Day on Friday.

He added: "The reason why I need to spend time with them is that I have been spending most of my time outside for the last one over week, and I really miss them.

"I hope that tomorrow I will have a good time with them and catch up on the time lost. I will cook breakfast, lunch and dinner —— I will cook for them and maybe if we still have time in between we may go out for a walk."

Mr Lim said there will not be any assembly point for his supporters during polling night. After visiting the counting centres, he will wait for the results with his wife at home.

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