Updated: 01/08/2014 20:32

Savils agents get help with DNC listings

Savils agents get help with DNC listings

Some 800 real estate agents from Savils are set to be equipped with a mobile app that helps them sieve out numbers listed in the Do Not Call Registry. 

Starting this year, telemarketers who intend to make cold calls or send text messages would have check those numbers against the registry - a process that would take an average of 20 minutes. 

With this app, callers take just seconds before they find out if the numbers are listed in the registry. 

The app is a part of system called SpiderGate, that helps businesses filter out numbers listed in the registry or the company's own black list. 

A pop-up message will alert the agent if a number he tries to call is listed in the registry or his company's own black list. 

If a call is made to a listed individual, using landlines, the call will be automatically blocked. 

The system is jointly developed by startup company Straits Interactive and Hoiio, a provider of cloud-based communication solutions. 

They are currently in the process of rolling out their services with companies in the spa, lifestyle, finance and real estate sectors.

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