Updated: 05/23/2014 19:09

Roy Ngerng apologises to PM

Roy Ngerng apologises to PM

A Singapore blogger, Roy Ngerng, has issued an apology to the Prime Minister for alleging on his website that CPF funds have been "misappropriated." 

An article he posted on the 15th of May, alleges that Mr Lee, who's also the Chairman of investment company, GIC, is guilty of misappropriating the funds.

In the apology posted on the website, "The Heart Truths", Mr Ngerng, unreseveredly apologises to the Prime Minister for the distress and embarrassment caused by the allegations. 

Mr Ngerng also admits and acknowledges that the allegation is false and completely without foundation. 

He has also removed the article and the links to the article on his Facebook page as demanded. 

The letter of demand issued by Drew and Napier on the 18th of May, on behalf of the Prime Minister also requires Ngerng to pay compensation for damages and legal cost. 

He was initially given three days to comply but was given an extension till today. 

Ngerng could be sued for defamation had he failed to do so.

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