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Road users are responsible for ensuring own safety: S'pore Road Safety Council

Road users are responsible for ensuring own safety: S'pore Road Safety Council

Road users are responsible for ensuring own safety: S'pore Road Safety Council

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Road Safety Council said the key lesson for every road user has to be prevention.

The council issued a statement in the wake of three fatal accidents involving cyclists.

The first took place on Thursday at the junction of Brickland Road and Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, the second on Friday at the junction of Jalan Boon Lay and International Road and the third accident on Saturday morning along Changi Coast Road.

The council said drivers have a duty and responsibility to prevent accidents at all times, particularly where there are vulnerable road users present. Drivers must always travel at safe speeds and keep a careful lookout for cyclists and pedestrians as they share the same road space.

Cyclists and pedestrians must realise that they are vulnerable road users and bear the most risk of injury in any accident so they must do their part to prevent and protect themselves against accidents.

The council stressed that every road user has the responsibility to look after one's own safety and to practice defensive habits wherever they are, whether it be cycling or walking.

It said it is important that cyclists watch their surroundings closely and follow the traffic rules:

• They should be alert to other vehicles and look over their shoulders to check if there are  vehicles approaching. Cycling at night or during early hours of the morning reduces visibility, so they should not assume that drivers can see them.

• They should make themselves more visible in the dark by wearing reflective clothing and riding gear for protection. It is important that bikes are roadworthy and safe to be on the road. The bikes should be regularly checked to ensure they are in good working condition, and equipped with headlight and backlight.

• Extra attention should be paid whenever there are large, heavy vehicles as the drivers may not always be able see them.

The Singapore Road Safety Council will continue working with the Traffic Police, the Land Transport Authority and other road safety stakeholders to engage road users through education programmes aimed at improving attitudes and behaviour of road users. - CNA/xq

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