Updated: 12/11/2013 01:20

Riot in Little India unacceptable: K Shanmugam

Riot in Little India unacceptable: K Shanmugam

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law Mr K Shanmugam says last Sunday's riot in Little India was unacceptable. 

He says no matter the reasons - be it poor living or working conditions for migrant workers - violent conduct cannot be excused. 

"i think what happened was unacceptable and that's the majority Singaporean's view. I think they want us to take swift, clear, decisive action to bring the perpetrators to justice and the full force of justice has to be meted out."

He said migrant workers need to conform to the norms of behavior. 

"We need the workers but we have to structure it in a way that the violence is completely reduced. I will not say that we can completely eliminate, because when you have groups of people, in any society, leaving aside foreign workers, even Singaporean society - the multi racial society we have - violence cannot be completely ruled out. But we need a framework of rules, structures and enforcement to reduce it to a minimum where norms and behaviour are set in, norms and behaviours that Singaporeans accept, foreign workers, we need to try this doesn't happen."

He adds that the government will also keep in mind suggestions from Singaporeans to look into improving the living conditions of migrant workers.

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