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Retrenchments happen even when economy is doing well: Tan Chuan-Jin

Retrenchments happen even when economy is doing well: Tan Chuan-Jin

Retrenchments happen even when economy is doing well: Tan Chuan-Jin

SINGAPORE: Acting Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin said on his Facebook page on Friday evening that HGST's retrenchment exercise "is one of the larger retrenchments this year".

He said that even with a tight labour market and an economy that is doing reasonably well, "we will continue to see some amount of redundancy as our economy restructures and that this is an inevitable reality and we will see more of this in the coming years."

He believed that the key thing is to make sure that there is adequate assistance available to help displaced workers re-enter suitable jobs and for jobs to be available in the first place.

Mr Tan said that it was important that the unions often proactively work with the management to help those affected.

He added that he was glad that HGST Singapore's management and the United Workers of Electronics & Electrical Industries (UWEEI) have been doing this.

In his post, Mr Tan said that HGST and the union are actively working with e2i to provide assistance to the workers affected by the company's retrenchment.

The union has also helped secure other settlements and benefits.

Mr Tan shared that the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has stepped up employment facilitation efforts as the economy restructures. These include working closely with the Community Development Councils (CDCs), grassroots and self-help groups to help unemployed and vulnerable job seekers find jobs.

Mr Tan said WDA will also work with Family Service Centres and other community counselling providers to help job seekers who require emotional support, and ramp up its outreach and assistance capacity through the unions, advertisements and activities carried out in locations close to the community.

Mr Tan added that retrenchments will happen whether it is festive season or not, and even when the economy is healthy.

He said the priority is to ensure that the systems and processes are in place to help those affected.   - CNA/ec

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