Updated: 12/13/2013 17:41

Residents and shopkeepers welcome the ban but more could be done

Riot in Little India

Riot in Little India

Residents and shopkeepers welcome the move of declaring Little India a "proclaimed area" this weekend.

But they hope that there will be a long-term solution.

Anyone caught consuming alcohol publicly in Little India would risk getting their alcohol seized by the police.

And those who are drunk and behaving in a disorderly manner may also be arrested.

Eunice Tan, a resident of Little India, says she welcomes the move, but would prefer for it to be implemented for the long-term.

"It's good, we welcome this kind of move, but we want it to be long term, not just this weekend only. I mean, if not, even though you have signs saying no sleeping here, no spitting, they still do it. As residents, we feel safer to walk around, it will discourage these people from loitering here." 

The ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol this weekend is a temporary measure to stabilise the decision. 

And following that, the police is likely to recalibrate the alcohol ban in a graduated and measured way. 

This means certain restrictions on the sale of alcohol, and certain areas where alcohol consumption will not be allowed.

Kalai Selvan, a co-owner of provision shop, Multicell Com made this suggestion.

"They can assign a designated place to drink instead of just banning from the whole Little India area. They can just organise like a designated place in the field opposite Race Course Road and then keep a police watch over, make sure they don't have more than 10 people." 

-By Lim Jia Qi and Lee Gim Siong

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