Updated: 05/26/2014 23:07

Quality growth translates to better life

Quality growth translates to better life

Aspiring towards quality growth must translate to a better life for citizens. 

MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Liang Eng Hwa says while the jobs created may make greater demands of employees, they should also offer them more enablement, more flexibility, and ultimately a greater sense of fulfillment and social contribution. 

To create these jobs, the Government should not hesitate to encourage the growth of certain sectors in the economy, by introducing specific incentives and building the infrastructure needed. 

Speaking in Parliament, Mr Liang says quality growth shoould also lead to higher wage increases for the low to middle income and not lead to higher asset inflation. 

Mr Liang, who's also Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Finance, Trade and Industry, also paid tribute to the pioneer generation. 

He says they had been decisive and bold. 

Mr Liang said many changes they had introduced would be "near impossible to implement today". 

He uses the CPF scheme as an example. 

Introducing it today he says would most likely result in a major uproar. 

"I cannot imagine how our social and economic well-being for our citizens would be like without the CPF system. Some of our fellow citizens may not save enough for their retirement, we will have much lower home ownership and each hospitalization expenses could results in more cash outlay without the Medisave savings and not to mention enough savings for the children education."

But with system already in place, and Singaporeans having witnessed its effectiveness, the government now has the flexibility of reforming the system to meet the needs of citizens.

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