Updated: 06/24/2014 20:44

Puzzle games can improve mental flexibility

Puzzle games can improve mental flexibility

Want to improve your ability to multi-task, assess situations more quickly, or block out distractions? 

A study by Nanyang Technological University scientists has showed that playing puzzle games on your mobile phone could just help you achieve that. 

The study, led by Assistant Professor in psychology, Michael Patterson, tested 4 mobile phone games of different genres. 

And they found that puzzle games like Cut the Rope produced the best results. 

55 NTU undergraduates were selected to play one game each, for a total of 20 hours over 4 weeks. 

And the study found that after playing, they could switch between tasks 33 per cent faster, and are 60 per cent better at blocking out distractions than they were before their training. 

Prof Patterson thinks this is probably due to Cut the Rope's unique puzzle design, where strategies that work for earlier levels would not work in later levels,
so players will have to think creatively and come up with alternative solutions.

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