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Private security companies advise public to be vigilant when approached by strangers

Private security companies advise public to be vigilant when approached by strangers

Keep calm and remain vigilant. 

That's the advice from security experts to members of the public who are approached by strangers with news that something has happened to their loved ones. 

In the aftermath of the kidnapping case that took place here this week, our news desk speaks to the experts to learn more on what can be done. 

79-year-old Madam Ng Lye Poh was kidnapped on Wednesday after she was duped into getting into a car by a stranger who told her that her son had been injured in a fall. 

Managing Director of LJ Investigation & Consultancy Services, Lionel De Souza, advises the public to remain calm should they encounter such a situation. 

"Someone comes and tells you that something serious has happened to someone who's close to you, just thank the person, "Could you please tell me which hospital my relative or my next of kin is and I'll go there and I'll call the hospital to find out. Thank you so much for your assistance"." 

Mr De Souza who's also a former police officer, hopes more publicity campaigns could be rolled out to the elderly to prevent them from becoming victims of crime. 

But he says there's no need for families to engage bodyguards for the elderly as kidnapping cases are rare in Singapore. 

And vigilance is the key especially when it comes to high net-worth individuals. 

Jeremy Tan is the owner of private security company, Safe Thoughts. 

"Firstly, they should inform the family members where they are going and always keep their handphone with them. And let's say when they go out and they discover somebody suspicious is following them, or looking around, the best way is to call the police." 

Mr Tan whose firm offers bodyguard services says most of his clients are foreigners who are carrying large amounts of money in Singapore. 

The police on its website has the following Advisory: 

"Remain calm and contact your loved-ones immediately or friends that could confirm their safety.
Should repeated attempts fail, seek assistance from the Police immediately.
Even if you have confirmed that your loved-one is safe, call the Police immediately at '999' to report the case."

-By Lim Jia Qi

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