Updated: 05/04/2013 23:49

"Prevention is skey to safety on roads"

"Prevention is skey to safety on roads"

The Singapore Road Safety Council says the key lesson for every road user is prevention. 

The council issued a statement in the wake of a fatal accident yesterday  involving a cyclist and a bus. 

The council said drivers have a duty and responsibility to prevent accidents at all times, particularly where there are vulnerable road users present. 

Drivers must always travel at safe speeds and  keep a careful lookout for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Cyclists and pedestrians must realise that they are vulnerable road users and bear the most risk of injury in any accident. 

As such, they must  do their part to prevent and protect against accidents. 

The Singapore Road Safety Council will continue working with the Traffic Police, the Land Transport Authority and other road safety stakeholders to engage road users through education programmes aimed at improving attitudes and behaviours to road safety.

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