Updated: 01/17/2014 21:04

Police unveils common standard for video surveillance systems

Police unveils common standard for video surveillance systems

Police have developed a common standard to help the private sector take a consistent approach towards installing and operationg security camera systems. 

Second Minister for Home Affairs S Iswaran says he hopes the Video Surveillance System standard, or VSS, will help ensure that security camera systems implemented by private building owners will be useful and effective. 

"By following this standard, private building owners will be guided in their VSS implementation or upgrading plans, thereby ensuring sufficient security provisions and coverage for their buildings."

He says surveillance technologies such as CCTVs have proven effective in solving crime and terrorism-related incidents. 

"This is particularly evident from the Boston bombing incident last year, where security footage provided the Federal Bureau of Investigation critical information and evidence leading to the identification of criminals and their eventual prosecution."

Mr Iswaran was speaking at the National Safety and Security Watch Group Award Ceremony. 

Formed in 20-04, the Safety and Security Watch Group scheme, or SSWG, allows police to engage business communities on safety and security matters. 

For example, the Home Team advises the private sector on business continuity planning in the event of a terrorist attack. 

Personnel from the business community are also pre-identified and trained to assist rescue and recovery efforts through the Corporate First Responder scheme within SSWG. 

Mr Iswaran says there are more than 130 SSWG clusters comprising more than 1,000 member buildings as of last month.

And out of them, 188 members were recognised at this year's SSWG awards.

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