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Police deny allegations US engineer’s death not properly investigated

Police deny allegations US engineer’s death not properly investigated

Police deny allegations US engineer’s death not properly investigated

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said its procedures for investigating cases, in particular those involving deaths, are of high international standards.

It was responding to queries from Channel NewsAsia about the death of American electronics engineer Shane Todd.

According to a Financial Times report published on February 15, Mr Todd allegedly hanged himself in the toilet of his apartment in Chinatown last year.

His death came shortly before he was to return to the US after an 18—month stint with the Institute of Microelectronics, a research facility.

The report also raised questions about the circumstances surrounding Mr Todd’s death and the way police investigations were carried out.

In addition, the report contained interviews with Mr Todd’s parents who said they believe he was murdered over his work in Singapore.

They also alleged that Mr Todd’s death was not properly investigated.

The police denied this.

A SPF statement late Saturday night said that all unnatural death cases are investigated thoroughly and that police work closely with the pathologist and other relevant experts.

A spokesman noted that no prior assumptions are made on the cause of death.

He added that the police have handled this case in the same way as other cases that they have looked into.

The spokesman also noted that all crime scene locations which could contain evidence are protected from any interference with what is known as "trace evidence".

The sites are secured by police for the duration required for scene examination and evidence collection.

The conditions and items found at the crime scene are carefully recorded in great detail, as well as conserved and removed for subsequent laboratory analysis.

A coroner’s inquiry into Mr Todd’s death is expected to take place. Police say his family will be able to question witnesses and relevant reports that are submitted.

Police urge anyone with evidence that could assist in the investigation to share the information with them.

They have also engaged and assisted Mr Todd’s family since his death, and will continue to do so.

They have also kept the American Embassy and FBI informed.

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