Updated: 05/29/2014 02:45

PM Lee outlines four ways for a fair and inclusive society

PM Lee outlines four ways for a fair and inclusive society

Singaporeans can and must do much more to secure our future, and to give ourselves greater peace of mind, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. 

Speaking in Parliament, he outlined four ways in which Singapore can be a "fair and inclusive society", where everyone has a rightful place and the opportunity to achieve his or her dreams. 

First, the fruits of progress will be shared more widely, and social safety nets, strengthened. 

Mr Lee says more will be done where necessary, especially in healthcare and retirement adequacy. 

One way is to make it easier for those who wish to work longer to do so. 

Another is to help older Singaporeans unlock the savings in their flats, or simply to enhance CPF and CPF-LIFE. 

But Mr Lee says care must be exercised when strengthening social safety nets. 

That's because Singapore is increasing its social spending, at a time when many other countries are trying to cut theirs. 

Second, give everyone the chance to scale new peaks. 

PM Lee says the pathways upwards have to be kept open to all - be it in school, after school and in society. 

"The best way to improve lives is not just to provide safety nets to catch Singaporeans when they fail but to create ladders of opportunity so that everyone has a chance to succeed, to scale new peaks, regardless of background or family circumstances."

To achieve this, Mr Lee says Singapore must be an open and egalitarian society, free of rigid hierarchies and class distinctions. 

Thirdly, Mr Lee says we must fire up the human spirit, we must have the ambition and drive to secure our place among the world's leading cities. 

Finally, Mr Lee says that Singapore has to get its politics right, and this means maintaining constructive politics that puts the nation and its people first.

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