Updated: 02/13/2014 02:20

Peer-to-peer sharing among students to promote cyber wellness

Peer-to-peer sharing among students to promote cyber wellness

This year's Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Conference will see peer-to-peer sharing playing a big part in encouraging to students to become a positive online presence. 

The focus is on creating responsible relationships online, with the theme, "Let's Create a Better Internet Together." 

This year's effort is spearheaded by student leaders from the School of Science & Technology or SST and Innovative Junior College. 

The Education Ministry says it will involve more than 800 students from over 200 primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges. 

The first conference for primary schools was held at SST today. 

Cyber Wellness student ambassadors engaged student leaders from SST and IJC on issues like cyber bullying. 

This is to help them better explain to peers in their own school how they too can use the Internet safely and responsibly. 

20 schools from various levels also showcased their efforts in promoting cyber wellness. 

The conference for junior colleges will be held at Innovative Junior College on 17 March, and for secondary school students, it will be at SST on 26 March. 

The Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the Media Development Authority.

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