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Online "share it to end it" campaign against bullying launched

Online "share it to end it" campaign against bullying launched

An online campaign against bullying has been launched in Singapore to encourage those who've seen or knows of people being bullied, to take a stand. 

All it takes is a click of a button. 

The campaign, named "Share It To End It", is the brainchild of the Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth, or CAB-CY, and two advertising agencies, JWT Singapore and XM Asia. 

They've created a 100-second illustrated film that shows the suffering of a bullying victim. 

Each time the film's shared on Facebook, it'll be shortened by a millisecond. 

After the film's been shared 100,000 times, it'll disappear, metaphorically ending the victim's misery. 

CAB-CY's founder Esther Ng says when bullying victims see the people around them taking a stand against bullying, they may be more encouraged to speak up about their suffering - 

Because the biggest stumbling block to curbing bullying is that victims are often afraid to seek help. 

"Victims are usually cornered with a conclusion that they've made to themselves. That there's no point seeking help because nobody will believe their story. And what if it gets worse? And they find themselves pushed to a corner when they think they just have to live with it. That's not right."

And this was the inspiration for the film says JWT Asia's Executive Creative Director Juhi Kalia. 

"You realise that like most videos that you watch online, you share it to pass it on and grow it. But in this case, we've made it almost counter-intuitive, it's almost like you have to end it. So when you share it the video gets shorter. And that's the metaphor for saying that we can end bullying if we get together and start sharing stories and talk about it."

In a 20-06 CAB-CY survey of about 4 thousand primary and secondary school students, 1 in 8 students have experienced bullying at least once a week. 

And 1 in 4 students have experienced cyberbullying at least once. 

And according to a 20-12 Microsoft survey, Singapore has the second highest rate of cyberbullying amongst those aged 8 to 17. 

The film can be viewed and shared atwww.shareittoendit.com

-By Lianne Chia

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