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NUH Medical Centre opens

NUH Medical Centre opens

Even as Singapore continues to expand its health care facilities, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong says it's important to integrate the care and design of these facilities with older and less mobile patients in mind. 

The National University Hospital's new Medical Centre is one such example. 

In the past, out-patient Patrick Aw had to spend time navigating and walking when he shows up for his monthly medical check-ups at NUH. 

What previously took close to three hours now takes only two. 

And that's because many of the hospital's specialist outpatient services and clinical support services have been relocated to the new building, making it a "one-stop" centre for outpatient seeking such services. 

"And right now in this medical centre, everything is in one building. I just have to travel by the elevator. It saves me a lot of time and save a lot of my energy. I don't have to walk from this point to that point."

The 19-storey centre has close to 400 consultation, treatment and procedure rooms, 10 day surgery operating theatres and 41 day surgery beds. 

The Hospital's Chief Adjunct Associate Processor Joe Sim says the new medical centre is conveniently sited above Kent Ridge MRT station and adopts a "three-turn" policy. 

"Patients often get lost in the old building because it's designed very long ago. They have to make many turns before they find the clinic. So when we designed this, we set ourselves a target of no more than three turns. When they come out of MRT and turn into a building, that's the first turn. When they go into a lift and take a vertical turn up, that's the second turn. When they come out the lift and make a right turn and that's where the clinic is. That's the third turn. All together three turns. We hope this will make it easier for patients to go around."

-By Fann Sim

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