Updated: 09/02/2014 01:34

Normal crowd at CHAS-participating clinics

Normal crowd at CHAS-participating clinics

From today, Pioneer Generation members can enjoy enhanced subsidies under the Community Health Assist Scheme, or CHAS. 

938LIVE's Fann Sim visited a few participating clinics to see if the 300,000 additional pioneers eligible for the additional care were keen to make immediate use of what they're entitled to. 

It was more or less business as usual this morning at Access Medical Bedok South, one of the over 1,000 participating General Practitioner and dental clinics. 

There was the normal steady stream of patients, with no apparent spike in the number of Pioneer Generation card holders. 

At Dr Lim Yong Chin's clinic, there were 7 walk-in card holders, who are also his regular patients, within two hours of opening this morning. 

"In terms of additional load thanks to the scheme, you're talking about plus 10 to 15 per cent. The is that thing is that all the people who are on CHAS PG, about 90 per cent already had subsidy of some sort."

Lim Bee Kew, who brought her mother to the clinic for a regular follow-up appointment today, said it was unsurprising that there wasn't any surge in demand. 

"When senior citizens fall sick, it might complicate their existing conditions or illnesses. I don't think they will drag it out and suffer just so they can see a doctor for free today."

This view was echoed by patients at other clinics in the same area. 

However, the situation was slightly different for dental clinics. 

PG members have, as early as two weeks ago when they received their cards, started to make appointments at Advanced Dental Clinic Bedok. 

A staff member told 938LIVE that it received visits and calls from several potential patients who wanted to know about the dental services they're entitled to as pioneer generation card holders. 

One patient, Koo Ah Kum, wanted to make an appointment to get her teeth examined after last visiting a dentist more than 40 years ago. 

"It's good that they're including dental services in the subsidies pioneers can benefit from. The last time I had any dental work done, it cost me almost $300. It was so expensive I dare not visit a dentist after that experience."

With the 300,000 new pioneers who can start enjoying enhanced subsidies for healthcare from today, about 1.2 million Singaporeans will be enjoying CHAS at different tiers.

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