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New sectoral tripartite committee in aerospace and aviation industry set up

New sectoral tripartite committee in aerospace and aviation industry set up

New sectoral tripartite committee in aerospace and aviation industry set up

SINGAPORE: A new sectoral tripartite committee in the aerospace and aviation industry has been set up to focus on inclusive development of manpower, as well as safety and health in the workplace.

The committee was launched on Wednesday by the NTUC Aerospace and Aviation Cluster, and several government agencies including the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), the Workforce Development Agency and NTUC's e21.

The cluster comprises nine unions within the industry, including the Air Transport Executive Staff Union and the Singapore Airport Terminal Services Workers' Union.

With the launch, the Aerospace and Aviation Sectoral Tripartite Committee identified jobs where the government's Progressive Wage Model will be developed.

These jobs include baggage handlers, equipment operators and trolley retrievers.

This means the more than 17,500 workers in the job scopes identified will have a structured training pathway, and career progression developed for them, and eventually better wages with increased productivity.

On workplace health and safety, the committee said focus groups have been set up between unions and management to discuss issues such as reducing air pollutants and carbon emission and minimising lightning risks.

The committee feels the initiatives are timely as the fleet of Asia Pacific airlines is expected to triple to almost 14,000 aircraft over the next two decades.

Mr Lim Kuang Beng, chair of NTUC Aerospace and Aviation Cluster and co-chair of Aerospace and Aviation Sectoral Tripartite Committee, said: "With the low unemployment rate in Singapore, reduction in foreign worker quotas and an ageing workforce, manpower shortage will be an enduring issue the industry will have to grapple with for some time to come.

"Given the challenges ahead, there has to be concerted efforts from all stakeholders to attract new entrants into the industry, improve efficiency and enhance service levels to retain Singapore's position as a leading air hub."  - CNA/de

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