Updated: 09/06/2014 02:17

New online childcare registration launched

From today, parents will find it easier to search for and register at childcare centres with a new online portal set up by the Early Childhood Development Agency, or ECDA.

Parents can do a customisable search that includes location, fees, operating hours and availability of childcare places on the website. 

They can then register, up to six months in advance, with five centres at a time. 

Centres will then be notified and offer a spot to the parent if there are vacancies. 

If spots are not available, the site will offer a list of suggestions with spaces. 

Parents who have been offered a space will have to decide within a week if they accept the offer, or the system will give the space up. 

This, according to ECDA, will help to manage the supply and demand of childcare spaces more effectively, and address the problem of anxious parents oversubscribing to too many childcare centres. 

Speaking on the sidelines of a visit to Skool4Kidz in Woodlands, Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing says that the new system benefits everyone. 

"With this system in place, parents will be able to have a clearer idea where are the places available and where there might be long queues and they can make their decision properly. In the past there might have been cases where there are multiple entries or application for just one particular child. With this system, we will cut down on those multiple applications and this will allow ops to have better and firmer fix on the real demand that's required."

About 200 childcare operators, or about 15 per cent of childcare centres, have been using the site actively and more are expected to come on board. 

They include centres run by anchor operators, private operators and voluntary welfare organisations. 

The website also lists student care centres.

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The portal will allow parents to search and register for places at childcare centres more conveniently.



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